Transform your Accounts Payable using Tara

Explore the smartest way to simplify vendor invoicing and payments.

How Does it Work?

Explore the best AP solution in the market in five steps

Hassle Free Submissions

Take a picture of your invoices using our mobile app, drag and drop it into the platform or let our system grab the email attachment

Indexed & Coded by Tara

Our AI bot captures data and categorizes transactions. (Performs 2 Way/ 3 Way matching for PO invoices)

Automated Workflow

Retrieve approvals and resolve disputes with our intuitive workflow.

Instantly post into your accounting software

The data is exported into your accounting system systematically ready for you to produce financials

Pay Them Wisely

Automated payment processor will remind you to obtain your approval and pay your vendors electronically

Go paperless, Get efficient!

Automation begins with digitizing your paper invoices.
Use Cratoflow as your electronic filing cabinet.

Robotic Intelligence at Your Desk

An average accounts payable clerk spends 1/3 of their time on data entry and rest of their time determining coding, obtaining approval, resolving disputes through emails.

Rules Rules Rules

Create customized rules and let the system book the entries into your accounting software.

Match With Ease

Match Purchase Orders with invoices and send for payment for an end to end invoicing cycle.

Easily Categorize Transactions

Easily match bank or credit card transactions and categorize them by type of spend with the click of a button.


Complete Visibility

Don’t lose track of where your money is going. Cratoflow provides full visibility to your books without too much effort.

Transaction Management

Systematically separates each transaction by category and type to properly reflect your financials.

Manage Approvals Systematically

Robust workflow allows for an easy way to approve or resolve exceptions.

Drag and Drop Documents

No more emailing. Easily drag and drop documents from your computer into our platform. 

Be Mobile

CRATOAPP allows you to manage your books from anywhere

Take photos of your bills & receipts using your mobile phone
Immediate document submission into our portal for processing
Approve payments and documents from anywhere
Collaborate with your team members as you would on messaging apps
Know when your invoices are approved and paid with step by step notifications

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We’ve got answers. If you have some other questions, contact us using email.

Should we force our vendors to submit electronically?

We encourage your vendors to submit through emails which makes it easy. If they still submit hard copies, we help you centralize the receiving and scanning them. Please contact our sales team.

Should we still use emails to resolve disputes with buyers and external parties such as vendors?

How do I invite my vendors ACH payment?

How do determine various levels of approvals from different approvers?

Why should I use ACH when writing checks is free?

How do I reduce my vendor queries?

Redefine Time Spent On Bookkeeping

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