Let Your Working Capital Work For You

Increase Your Cash Flow

A culmination of our automation efforts benefits business owners like you by allowing you to instantly assess the financial health of your company.
The human mind interprets data more precisely when it is represented as visual charts. Our waterfall chart gives you the power to visually forecast your future cash projections.
By allowing our system to process your payables and receivables, our AI enabled predictive analytics algorithm easily provides a snapshot of where your cash will be one, three, and six months from now.
Our robotized accounts receivable & payable functions shorten your cash conversion cycle and solves your short-term requirements.

Craft Your Financial Story

Think like a finance pro and embrace technology to help you make informed decisions. Moving towards proactive financial planning using automation fuels your dreams and keeps your business in the high growth cycle.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What type of Cash Flow Projection is this?

This is an operating CF projection, which measures the amount of cash generated by a company’s normal business operations. This indicates whether a company can generate sufficient positive cash flow to maintain and grow its operations.

How is Cash Flow Projection is calculated?

Operating CF is calculated based on historical payables and receivables data. Predictive analytics then determine where your business stands one, three, or six months from now.

How important is Operating Cash Flow for my business?

Extremely Important. Every type of business should track their inflow and outflow of money because it not only helps determine the financial health of the company but it also allows for more strategic business decisions.

Does the system produce a Cash Flow statement?

No. The data will be exported from Cratoflow to your accounting software. You can then produce financials from your accounting software.

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