How to Prepare for Automating of Your Accounting Operations

November 30, 2021Anand MuruganAnand MuruganIn5 min read
Accounting is a meticulous process that businesses should take seriously. A single mistake in the ledger can have unforeseen consequences on your business’ finances. Without the right tools, you might end up spending more time and resources on your accounting operations rather than focusing on improving your services and products. This is why 73% of...
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QuickBooks vs. Accounting Automation Software

February 3, 2021shiv.patel@cratosys.comshiv.patel@cratosys.comIn, 6 min read
Accounting is one of the fundamental tasks that underpin every successful business. Tracking your company’s finances accurately is essential to keeping your business growing and avoiding audits or penalties. More importantly, proper accounting helps every business plan for the future.  However, not every business has a dedicated accounting department. Modern technology has led to the...
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