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Why Cratoflow?

Bookkeeping is a pain but Cratoflow is different. We take charge so you can relax. 

Complete Visibility

We know how easy it is to hand your books off to someone else, but wouldn't it be great to have control and visibility into your own financials without much effort and save 60% on bookkeeping costs? 

Get Away From Emails

Things take time and people are busy. Some things just need to be discussed internally. So why not converse with team members, solve vendor inquiries and invoice disputes without leaving your chair?

Transaction Management

Nothing is perfect and even accounting has it quirks. Transactions should be broken down into specific categories by line item leaving you without duplicate transactions and with 100% accuracy. How else will your bank know where you made your money?

Revolutionize Your Bookkeeping


Tara is your very own digital assistant that will help manage risk and decrease your bookkeeping effort by 99%.
Let her guide you in your bookkeeping journey as you navigate through the Cratoflow platform.
She will fill the gap of common exceptions and discrepancies that users fail to notice in completing their entries.

Synchronize Your Bookkeeping

Don’t stress about debits and credits when it comes to bookkeeping. We sync with accounting platforms like Quickbooks, Intacct, NetSuite, and Xero and we can even help with payroll through our trusted partner, Gusto.

Why businesses choose us for their bookkeeping needs



Enjoy the luxury of managing paying your vendors & collecting customer payments in a single platform.


Follow our simple step by step process to begin using your very own automated accounting platform.


Try our unique Machine Learning solution to categorize expenses and reconcile open invoices and customer collections.


Create business rules tailored to your organization in order to tell our bot how to manage transaction level accounting.

Mobilize It

Our handy mobile app allows you to upload invoices and receipts for entry, approve those entries, and approve payments to vendors.

Power On

Let our AI bot Tara guide you on end to end processing in completing your books for glowing financials. 

Speed Up Your Bookkeeping Process

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