Smartest Revenue Recognition

Two worlds unite under one common goal. Be it cash or credit sales- we used advanced algorithms to recognize, match, and reconcile avoiding risks.

Faster invoicing triggers faster collections

Effortlessly create invoices and send directly from the platform.

Transform your laborious cash application process using AI

Automated remittance parsing

Upload or email remittances directly into the platform and reconcile cash in seconds.

Right from your bank accounts

Save time logging into bank sites and downloading into excel. Simply sync your bank accounts to retrieve real-time cash deposits.

AI enabled Matching 

Improve accuracy with advanced matching algorithms and customizable workflows.

Deductions management without the hassle.

Validate deductions effortlessly with our easy-to-use approval workflow and boost the efficiency of your deductions management with our cutting-edge AI platform.

No more outsourcing!

A true automation product to transforms your Accounts Receivable.

High degree of accuracy
Cratoflow gives you accurate results to help you make the best real-time business decisions.
Seamless integration
Cratoflow  integrates with your existing systems, allowing a seamless experience.
Insighful Dashboard
Our customizable dashboard helps your accounting team prioritize their work and meet deliverables faster.

Automate your Ecommerce Accounting

With Cratoflow, you can finally get all your daily sales numbers right.

Integrated accounting for all of your sales channels

Sync systems like Shopify and let Cratoflow automate daily sales entries directly into your accounting system.

It all starts with the easy recording of sales

Real-time reconciliation of your sales data has never been this easy. Cratoflow uses advanced machine learning algorithms to reconcile your expenses with the bank and ensure you don't lose even a penny.

One-stop financial dashboard for managing all your stores.

Cratoflow tracks the progress with in-depth insights into your business and helps you predict the future of your business.