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CratoPay redefines business-to-business (B2B) payments solutions, automating vendor payments seamlessly and efficiently.

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Simplify How You Pay Vendors with CratoPay

Empower Your Business to Pay Vendors and Collect from your Customers with Ease

Revolutionize Your Payments Stack with Secure B2B ACH Solutions

Say goodbye to the cost of manual check writing and mailing while enjoying highly secured Business-to-Business ACH payment solutions. Reduce your expenses by 75% with our same-day ACH payment option.

Complete visibility on your payments.

View who is submitting and approving payments with a built in workflow.

Your Accounts Payable Team's Beloved Bill Payment Software

Improved collaboration
Gain visibility on payments with workflow approvals and audit trail.
Bank-grade security
Detects and prevents fraud automatically.
Decrease risk
Post invoices and  pay vendors without leaving the platform.