Automate Your Process-to-pay

Explore the smartest way to simplify vendor invoicing and payments. Supercharge your accounts payable department now.

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The future of accounts payable automation

No-code Automation
Memorize actions to be applied in the future
Automated Approval Workflow
Seamless discrepancy management
Seamless ACH Payment integration
Payment Reconciliation

Our mission is to automate and optimize the core elements of AP

Intelligent Character Recognition
Our platform enables you to scan, capture, match, and process invoice data at header and line level.
Automated Categorization
Our AI algorithm is capable of categorizing your bills based on the line item descriptions and category.
Manage Risk
System will check for duplicates upon submission and refrain from posting.

Approval workflow automation at scale

Simplify your approval process with built-in rules to automate the audit trail.

Create your own approval matrix tailored to your organizational needs.

Users see documents waiting for approval or upon submission.

Focus on efficiency, not spreadsheets

Easily set up your organizational structure and apply individual line item transactions by entity.
360o Visibility
Missed deadlines are a thing of the past. With full visibility on upcoming payments, pending payments, and spending pattern, you can ensure every payment is on time.
One-click Actions
Send payments, predict recurring payments, and sync with an accounting software with just one click.
Payment Reconciliation
CratoSpend provides detailed and accurate transaction and reconciliation reports.