Do away with all your payment transaction hassles with and Cratoflow integration.


By automating payment processing workflows and reducing manual data entries, improve your business’ efficiency and reduce the risk of payment errors. Manage your cash flow and make informed financial decisions. Simplify your operations by automating your payment reconciliation process with enhanced data security. + Cratoflow Integration Benefits 

  • With this integration, the payments are all processed seamlessly and quickly, satisfying your customers and avoiding payment errors. 
  • Enhance your payment transactional security, and eliminate scope of any security threats or frauds. 
  • Track all your payments in real time, allowing you to efficiently manage your business cash flow and for a healthy financial forecast. 
  • Streamline your payment workflows effectively, and automate payment reconciliations for smooth business operations.
  • Avail multiple benefits for your business in one go, with this integration.

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