Google Drive

Google Drive

Streamline your business efforts through centralized data collaboration with Google Drive and Cratoflow integration


Cratoflow’s integration with Google Drive allows your business to access and store data in a central location, allowing your team members to collaborate smoothly, in real-time. It also comes with features like automated backups, document version control, and improved security, thus safeguarding all your critical data.

Google Drive + Cratoflow: Benefits 

  • The automated document management system helps quicken the document workflows and approvals, thus saving loads of precious time for your business. 
  • The advanced security features, and the integration adds an extra layer of security, thus helping keep your data safe.
  • Customize your workflow, eliminate the scope of manual errors, active document collaboration with team members and more exciting features.
  • Collaborate with colleagues from anywhere in the world and from any smart device. 
  • The automated document extractions also help cut down on risks of errors, the advanced reporting features help keep an eye on the document metrics.

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