Effectively manage all your synced-in documents and actively collaborate with your team members through DropBox and Cratoflow integration.


This integration helps automate workflows and streamline your biz operations. With real-time monitoring, customizable workflow options, along with other intriguing features, schedule a demo now to explore more!

Dropbox + Cratoflow: Benefits 

  • Through this integration, your team can securely store documents in the cloud, protecting them from loss or theft.
  • Your business can access the documents from anywhere, at any time, from any device.
  • The automated document workflow reduces manual intervention and lets your business focus on more other initiatives of higher priority.
  • All teams in your organization can collaborate on documents in real-time, reducing the time and resources needed to share and review documents. Hence, high productivity!
  • Keep a constant track of collaborative documents via the version history feature, and locate your docs in a jiffy, through the advanced search feature.

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