Collaborate efficiently with your team members from anywhere in the world via this Microsoft OneDrive + Cratoflow integration.


Integrating Cratoflow with OneDrive provides businesses with improved document management capabilities, automatic syncing, and enhanced security. The collaborative features help reduce the risk of data loss through backup and data recovery options, along with strong security features.

Microsoft OneDrive + Cratoflow: Benefits 

  • Store all your vital documents safely in a single location, thus avoiding reckless theft or data loss.
  • Automate all your workflow in no time, with less manual intervention and allowing your team to focus on crucial business tasks.
  • Maintain minimal storage costs, automated document archiving, customizable permissions across users and groups, and a host of other business-efficient features. 
  • Also collaborate with external clients in a secure manner, without compromising on the security.
  • Easy to integrate with and manage documents in a secure folder structure.

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