All-in-one cloud solution that helps provide real-time financial and operational visibility.


The integration of NetSuite with Cratoflow can provide numerous benefits to your businesses by streamlining workflows, improving accuracy, increasing efficiency, enhancing visibility, and ensuring scalability. By eliminating manual processes and improving data accuracy and consistency, let your businesses execute operations with higher automation, efficiency, and accuracy.

What does NetSuite + Cratoflow integration bring to your business?

  • Accounting and finance automation that allows you to streamline your business functions.
  • Smooth access to real-time accounting insights and compliance standards. 
  • With cloud storage, access your data from any device and location.
  • With automation, skip manual jobs, such as creating journal entries, bank reconciliations, etc. 
  • Eliminate duplicate entries, and keep a single-glance track of all your vendors and suppliers.
  • Also comes with several data export and import tools for seamless integration.
  • Highly scalable solutions to your accounting pain points.
  • Facilitates intelligent financial and business decision-making processes.

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