With PayPal and Cratoflow integration, avail several payment-oriented solutions and benefits for your business.


PayPal is a redirect-payment gateway, equipped with advanced security features, ensuring complete data protection. With quick checkouts, secure payment transactions, and any-time access to your transaction dashboard, let your finance team make the smartest business decisions. 

PayPal + Cratoflow integration benefits 

  • Secure transactions with advanced data protection. 
  • Constant watch for financial fraudulent activities.
  • Enjoy multiple payment options, that leave you spoiled for choices. 
  • Make and receive payments from anywhere, anytime, and from any device.
  • Set up recurring payments with no hassles.
  • Strongly beneficial for small and medium businesses.
  • Utilize multiple flexible payment options through PayPal and Cratoflow integration.
  • Several customizable tools that help provide a positive user experience.
  • Get quick assistance to resolve your issues, if any. 
  • Monitor all your transactions from any device - smartphone, desktop, or tablet.

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