Manage your business functions effortlessly with Salesforce + Cratoflow integration.


This integration helps provide a detailed solution to help your business automate the workflow and boost efficiency. With top-notch reporting capabilities, seamless customer data management process, this Salesforce + Cratoflow integration helps bring higher business visibility, allowing you to make data-driven informed decisions.

Salesforce + Cratoflow Benefits‍

  • Streamlines your workflow efficiently; save a lot of your time, and increases productivity. 
  • Gain a 360-degree view of your customers and help provide them with the best customer experience. 
  • The integration helps scale your business operations through solutions that are flexible to your requirements. 
  • Improved accuracy in financial and sales forecasting, detailed analytics reports to help make smart business decisions, etc. 
  • Reduced risk of errors, customizable workflows, and also helps provide a centralized platform for data collaboration and enhanced productivity. 

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