Sit back and let this intelligent SAP + Cratoflow integration simplify your accounting processes for you.


Improve visibility and control over your financial data, power your biz operations up through the latest, state-of-the-art automation technologies, and streamline your workflow management. Achieve your financial goals through this powerful integration! Schedule a demo now and find out for yourself!

What is in Cratoflow + SAP for you?

  • Boost your cash flow management. 
  • With real-time data, keep track of all your receivables, payables, pending invoices, etc.
  • A simplified reconciliation process.
  • Eliminate manual transfer of financial data through effortless synchronization.
  • Collaborate with your team from any part of the world, on any device.
  • Make smart business decisions with zero human effort, thanks to the advanced reporting and analytics features.
  • Gain deeper insights into your financial health and optimize your business operations in no time.

Automate Your Accounting - Effortlessly & Instantly!

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