Sync all your daily sales numbers, sans any hassle, with this Shopify + Cratoflow integration.


Streamline your entire workflow and avoid repetitive manual tasks like entering sales transactions, updating inventory levels, etc. Thanks to advanced analytical tools with this integration, improve customer relationships and boost your sales numbers efficiently.

Cratoflow + Shopify Integration: Benefits

  • Manage your customers smoothly with this integration, letting you associate customer information, such as purchase history and order status, with each customer record, making it easier to manage customer relationships.
  • Let your business grow with scalable solutions, thanks to this integration that ensures that your accounting processes can keep up with the growth of your business, reducing the risk of bottlenecks and increasing efficiency.
  • With no compromise on security and a holistic view of your financial numbers, make the smartest decisions for your business.
  • Keep a sharp eye on your inventory levels with minimal efforts. Monitor your stock counts in real time, and receive alerts on low inventory levels, and more, with this integration. 
  • Manage your cash flow effectively, gain deep business insights, and everything more to keep your business healthy and running. 

Automate Your Accounting - Effortlessly & Instantly!

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