Uncomplicate your sales numbers reconciliation with Square + Cratoflow integration.


Square is an online cloud-based retail and POS system that helps streamline different functions for restaurants, retail, and online businesses. Save tons of your precious time by integrating Square with Cratoflow. This integration provides your businesses with a powerful toolkit for healthy finance and operations management.

Why integrate Square with Cratoflow?

  • Helps provide summaries of daily sales transactions, payments, and remittances, such as gift cards, taxes, tips, discounts, etc.
  • Through Cratoflow, pull all your sales numbers, convert them into journal entries, and send them to the relevant accounting ERP.
  • Eliminates most of your manual efforts and comes with a customizable sales dashboard to assist you with all the number crunching.
  • Import all your sales data into Cratoflow quickly, without any trouble.
  • Through integration, you can use various workflow functions to customize the auto-posting feature.
  • Eliminates duplicate transaction occurrence.
  • Detailed transactional review for data accuracy.
  • Make smart business decisions with a detailed sales dashboard at your fingertips.

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