Boost your business efficiency in no time, with this single Stripe + Cratoflow integration.


Stripe is a cloud-based online payments platform that allows transactions with no trouble. With advanced technology in place, your business can thrive by preventing financial frauds, payment troubles, etc. through interesting features like ML-based Adaptive Acceptance, Smart Retries to prevent business losses from payment failures, and more.

Stripe + Cratoflow integration: Benefits

  • Customize your invoices for all kinds of payments.
  • Is compatible with your smartphones too - iOS and Android.
  • Comes with an expanded list of smart and user-friendly payment features.
  • Effortlessly bring your customers on board.
  • Seamless integration with several features to meet end user’s requirements and comfort.
  • Quick transactions with no scope for delays or failures.
  • Make quick analyses with intuitive dashboards for efficient results. 
  • Perform multiple functions with this single integration.
  • Increased profitability and easy checkout.

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