Toast’s integration with Cratoflow ensures that you do not have to struggle with juggling your business goals, finances and meeting your customer’s requirements.


Stay accurately updated with your financial data, thanks to this integration’s automation-enabled abilities like automatically recording and tracking transactions without any manual involvement. Boost your business efficiency, up your sales numbers and prioritize crucial tasks.

Cratoflow + Toast Integration: Benefits

  • Helps streamline your business operations and manage all your orders, sales, and payments, all in one place.
  • In-detail business numbers available at your fingertips, allowing you to make the best business decisions. 
  • Report generations that will help in optimizing your business inventory management and cost reductions. 
  • Seamless track of all invoices and payments that are automatically recorded, thus removing the need for manual entries. 
  • This integration helps protect all your financial data from any security threat.

Automate Your Accounting - Effortlessly & Instantly!

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