Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM

Effortlessly manage all your business functions with Zoho CRM and Cratoflow integration.


Avail a plethora of benefits through this integration, such as simplifying your financial management process, amplifying your productivity levels and more. This cloud-based integration solution allows you to access it from anywhere in the world, with an internet connection.

Zoho CRM + Cratoflow: Benefits 

  • Streamline your workflow with this Integration. It eliminates the need for manual data entries along with the risk of data duplication and errors.

  • Monitor and manage your cash flow efficiently through real-time insights from tracking payments and outstanding invoices.  

  • This integration simplifies your life by eliminating the need to switch between multiple systems, reducing the time and effort required to manage customer data and invoicing.

  • Better Financial Management: The integration allows businesses to easily track customer payments, invoices, and balances, providing better visibility into the financial health of the business.

  • Get a hawk eye’s view of your business customer interactions and financial data, enabling better-informed decision making.

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